Chimney Cleaning

Why do you need a chimney sweep? Chimney Cleaning is an important part of routine chimney maintenance.

The Smoke from a woodfire contains tar droplets that condense and build up on the walls of the flue and smoke chamber. This build up it is called creosote. Creosote can reach flammable levels. Chimney sweeping is the removal of creosote. 

  • Oil burning heating appliances also create a buildup that needs removal. This is not done by your heating technician.
  • Gas appliances, though clean-burning, need inspection to assure the flue is in good condition and is clear and drawing well.
  • Inspection or cleaning of chimney flues should be performed each year.
Q: How often should I have my chimney cleaned?
A: This varies. A good rule of thumb is approximately 1 to 1 1/2 cords of firewood between cleanings. As I get to know my customers burning habits, we decide on a proper schedule. I have many customers on 1,2 & 3 year schedules.

Q: Do I still need to have my chimney cleaned if I use packaged logs, such as Duraflame or
Pine Mountain?
A: Yes. These logs are typically held together with a wax-like substance and are a wood product.
Therefore, these logs still produce build-up.

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