Joanne from New York - I just wanted to advise you of the excellent service provided by one of your technicians. He not only serviced our problem but assisted my diabetic husband during a low blood sugar attack by contacting an ambulance and calling me to inform me of the problem. He called the ambulance and also put our dog out on our porch to get her out of the way of the ambulance crew AND gave her water also. This is service excellence above & beyond and I want to make sure this tech is recognized for his professional, courteous and helpful conduct.

Dianne from New Jersey - I want to thank you very much for providing my special needs child with the much required AC unit... At about 10AM, James showed up with the new unit and promptly started his installation. At approximately 2pm we had a completely functioning unit with all the checks and balances done.

Bobby from Maryland - You never cease to amaze me. I have dealt with many of you over the years and I have never had one bad experience with the techs that have come to fix my A/C. Duct Masters without a doubt, has the BEST service I have ever encountered. I have been raving about you ever since the first time I called you 5 years ago... Keep up the great work!

Mark from Washington DC - I called you tonight at 7:45pm. The girl that answered the phone, after I told her my problem, told me to switch the breaker off and then on and wait 20 minutes, if that didn't work to call them back. It didn't work and I called back at 8:10. I had a tech here at 9:30. He fixed the problem within minutes. HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT! Thanks for your great service!

Erica from Virginia - The installment crew left our home in better condition than when they arrived. The actual installation was much better than what we had previously. By Monday evening, my family was back in our warm home enjoying our new environment.

John from Pennsylvania - Your company and its dedicated employees turned what could have been an awful experience into a highly satisfying experience. When my family's situation was not good, your company went above and beyond to take care of us. I want to commend you on building a great company with professionals who clearly have the needs of the customer always on their mind.

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